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It won't be long now.  Longer days and warmer temps are getting us excited!
26th May


April 20, 2016   OK, my taxes are paid to the various government revenue departments that no doubt will spend them prudently and wisely………so it must be time to get ready for the summer sailing season. MAY DAY YACHT CLUB CLEANUP………..Join ...

6th Nov


November 5, 2015 This was going to be a nice little recap of the results of another season of sailing. But given the events of the past couple of weeks, we will begin on a sad note, as ably summed up by our incoming Commodore: “This is a sad time for ...

2nd Sep


September 3, 2015 The end is near! Another sailing season is fast becoming a memory…………at least it’s a good one. LABOR DAY REGATTA…………is this weekend. I would expect back-to-back races on Saturday, if Mother Nature permits. This is the ...

18th Aug


August 19, 2015 OK, so the six solid weeks of “Chamber of Commerce” weather came to a screaming halt yesterday. Even so, San Diego should be jealous. And last weekend was stuffed full of good racing………I know I ingested my share of Advil just to ...

7th Aug


August 7, 2015 The Inter-Lake Regatta is over, which means the heart of regatta season has passed. The ILYA Championships at Lake Geneva is the only really big regatta left on the schedule. ONE WEEK EXTENSION FOR SAILING SCHOOL…………Because Iowa ...

30th Jul


July 30, 2015 You know, July has turned out to be a fairly decent month. Mother Nature has made a nice comeback, with a few minor exceptions……….like last week’s 4.5 inch rain. It would be nice to experience some winds out of the west one of these ...