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The season has begun!  Enjoy the lake and the CLYC.
21st Jun


June 21, 2018 Summer officially begins today……….let’s hope the weather gods are paying attention to the calendar. I’m pleased to report that there were no epic windstorms last weekend, as we’ve become accustomed to this season. But it did ...

13th Jun


June 14, 2018 I don’t know what she has against us, but Mother Nature has been (literally) puffing her chest out now for three weekends in a row………..70 mph straight line winds on Memorial Day, 50 mph east winds the morning of the Yacht Club party, ...

31st May


June 1, 2018 Well, that was a memorable Memorial Day weekend in more ways than one.  Until Monday evening, I thought the holiday would be remembered for being the hottest on record.  After Monday evening, it will be the 70 mph straight line winds that ...

24th May


May 24, 2018   Can you check all of the following? Clear Lake Yacht Club Registration done ___ Dock In                                                            ___ Lifts In      ...

6th May


May 2, 2018 Clear Lake’s ice finally went out last Thursday, so it’s time to start thinking about some soft water sailing.  It’s been kind of a brutal, never-ending winter.  Lake Okoboji set a new record for latest ice out…………and most all ...

25th Aug


August 25, 2017   Take a deep breath……..It’s time to start preparing yourself for the end of the summer sailing season. Summer seems to have been particularly fleeting this year…… fact it never really felt like it arrived……….maybe ...