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It won't be long now.  Longer days and warmer temps are getting us excited!

Commodore’s Welcome

What a privilege and honor to be the 2017 Clear Lake Yacht Club’s commodore. In that capacity, I would like to welcome you and your families to the Club to enjoy the countless activities the club provides to its members and guests. The club has a rich tradition of sailing and racing many types of sailboats, including: A scows, E scows, M 17 scows, X scows, Hobies and Optimists. Again, we as a sailing club want to welcome all to enjoy our camaraderie and fellowship of the club and all its activities. We are a nationally recognized sailing club and with that comes reciprocity in yacht clubs located all over the world. Whether you are a seasoned racer/sailor or a novice, there is a connection for you and your family in the Clear Lake Yacht Club!!

One can’t talk about the Clear Lake Yacht Club and not mention the Clear Lake Sailing School. With excellent instructors, flexible schedules, and seasoned mentors the program is a feeding ground for young sailors to catch the sailing/racing bug. We have programs essentially all summer long for the young beginners and juniors, while offering evening sessions and private lessons during the summer for the older folks that have the inclination to get on the water and figure this “sailing” out!

We have a very large and dedicated group of volunteers that drive our successes and achievements, and for that we should all be very thankful! Clear Lake and the Clear lake Yacht Club are very well thought of in the sailing/racing community of the ILYA. We have renowned judges on our race committee and the very best regatta organizers.

Lastly, I would like to remind all members that inviting and including potential new members to any of our activities; whether it is a social event or including them in “watch the races” is the life blood of the Clear Lake Yacht Club. Driving membership will help to add diversity, and fun to this very special club.

Again, thank you for allowing me to be your commodore in 2017 and I would like to personally thank all the volunteers that drive the club’s success!

Commodore Jaime Zachar 2017