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Membership Dues



pay-dues-onlineThe Clear Lake Yacht Club relies on it members to support the activities and direction of the organization. Dues for this year are as follows:

Family Membership Social Fee Includes all unmarried dependents less than 23 years of age. $125
Family Membership Social Fee – New Member $100
Junior Membership Social Fee Available for individuals who are less than 30 years of age who desire to be a member.  If registering a boat, the social fee shall be waived in lieu of the racing boat fee. $55
Racing Members (E, C, MC, M17 and Hobie)
Racing Boat 1 $170
Racing Boat 2 $170
Racing Boat 3 $170
Racing Members (X Boat only)
Racing X Boat 1 $65
Racing X Boat 2 $65
Renewal Late Fee (After May 22) $10