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See you next summer!

Commodore’s Welcome

There are days when the lake looks like a sheet of glass. The reflection off the water’s surface resembles a painting, preserved in perpetuity.  Other days, trees bend and bow under the gusts of wind that rip spray off the whitecaps before they can break.  Whether young or old, casting off in a sailing craft takes purpose and courage.  Often it appears the safer course is to remain ashore.  But, as my spinnaker trimmer always reminds me, “Big brother, you don’t know if you don’t go.”

My family joined the Clear Lake Yacht Club in 1983.  Soon after, I began to organize my sailing gear in the living room.  You could usually find me pressed up against the picture window, gazing through the old red telescope, imagining I was on a boat.  The picture above is yours truly as a CLYC sailing school instructor.  This club is important to me, as are the people who make it the exceptional organization it is.  I am honored to be your commodore for the 2023 season.

Sailing is a life-long pursuit, with an end as varied as those who pursue it.  Some desire sport and competition.  Others, time with their families.  Whether racing or cruising, the majesty of the wind whistling through the rigging as it propels our souls forward stays with all of us.  We return to it over and over again, as it offers peace.

So cast off your lines for this, the 88th year of the Clear Lake Yacht Club.  Let us together share this season.  Let us make these memories.  And let us try to find the stillness that only blows in the wind.

I wish you Godspeed, and following seas.

Bradley D. Price
2023 Commodore