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    Do you want an email address that will never change?
Do you want an email address that shows you are part of the CLYC?

CLYC can now offer you an email address for life for only $10/year, a real bargain.   The CLYC has email address for sale and now you can have one of your very own.  Yes, 99% of  all Email programs will work, such as Eudora, Netscape, Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express and many others (Yes even AOL).
It is very easy to set up and will be yours for as long as you want, no matter what internet service you use.

Therefore why switch email address when you decide to switch internet providers, just sign up for your personal CLYC email address and feel free to upgrade to broadband or switch companies (how you access the internet)

How to sign up for your email address

1) Pick a name that you want.
You may use your name, boat number, boat name or any other name, ie; or

2) Use the registration form and complete the email section. (CLYC Prefers the online form click here)

3) Harry will send you an email with confirmation of your name and specific directions as to your email program, and how to set it up.  (It takes 10 minutes, and is very easy)


1) Can I access the internet with the CLYC email Address?
No, this is only an email address that allows you to send/receive email with the name you choose
(Your  using your current or future internet service.

2) Can I create an email address with the CLYC and change my email program later?
Yes, no problem at all, you will use the same settings.

3) Can I switch internet providers and keep my CLYC email address?
Yes, no problem at all, you will use the same settings.

4) Can I change my CLYC email address?
Yes, no problem at all, just $5 per name change. 

5) Can I have more than one email address per household?
    Yes you can have one email address for each member of your family, we offer a discount.
(College students not living at home are considered part of the household)

1 Email Address $10 / year
Up to 3 Email Address (Same Household) $15 / year
Up to 6 Email Address (Same Household) $20 / year

6) Can I view my emails from any computer that has access to the internet? YES
     Just by logging onto the internet you can access your email account and view, respond, forward
and send email and still download your emails to your primary computer at a latter time.

  Other questions:  Email Harry at