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25th Jun


June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015

Be careful what you wish for………..Mother Nature granted our wish for warmer temps………….but the wind vanished. The only racing last weekend was Friday evening’s Dad/Mom/Lad/Lass event. The C Boat Fleet (all 3 of them) were so anxious to race their first race of the season on Saturday, that, as soon as the race was cancelled, they created a mock race to The Landing…………only to realize once they arrived that no one had brought any money, credit cards, etc…….oh well, such is life.

DAD/MOM/LAD/LASS RESULTS……….Friday night brought the best breezes of the entire weekend, and the seven X Boat “parents” who were skippering and the “kids” who were crewing (and ridiculing the skippers) took full advantage of it. Final placings were:

  1. Z-48 Ken Hanus/Gage Redman
  2. Z-7 Tom Thul/Wil Cooney
  3. Z-24 Todd Tesar/Tali Tesar
  4. Z-11 Chris Long/George Long
  5. Z-00 Mike Starbeck/Ana Starbeck
  6. Z-999 Ed Quinn/Alex Starbeck
  7. Z-8 Hank Anderson/Sophie Anderson

REMINDER – NEW RACING SCHEDULE FOR 4TH OF JULY REGATTA…………The Board decided to try something a little different this year. The 4th of July is on Saturday, so, in an effort to avoid all the motorboat traffic, there will be no races held on Saturday the 4th. There will be back-to-back races on Friday, July 3rd at 1:30 p.m. and a race on Sunday, July 5th, at 10:00 a.m.

MC NATIONALS………..are being held at Pewaukee this weekend. Somewhere between 75 and 100 boats are expected. Depending on which direction the wind is blowing from, the starting line could stretch across the entire lake……..should be interesting. I know Eric Protzman and Mark Tesar are there to represent our MC Fleet……….so good luck to them (and to any other Clear Lake MCers I might have missed who are also traveling to eastern Wisconsin participate).

THE 80th ANNIVERSARY GALA…………to be held at The Surf on July 11th is fast approaching. You can register online on the CLYC Web Site or contact Paula Hanus (641-357-1641). I understand that written invitations may have also gone out this past week, so check your mail.

Later, Oz

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