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30th Jul


July 30, 2015

July 30, 2015

You know, July has turned out to be a fairly decent month. Mother Nature has made a nice comeback, with a few minor exceptions……….like last week’s 4.5 inch rain. It would be nice to experience some winds out of the west one of these days during a race………nothing against the folks on the east end of the lake (especially since I happen to be one of them), but I’m getting a bit weary of looking at their shore every upwind leg. I think PRO Tom Erickson would agree, after trying to set a course on Saturday with a dying breeze that gradually veered from the northeast to the southeast precisely when the race was supposed to start. Even PRO John Hanson’s boat got tired of the easterlies, and quit on him shortly after the start of Sunday’s race, prompting a 911 call to PRO Charlie MacNider and his able assistant (and spouse), Kathy, to finish judging the race……….incidentally, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that they showed up in their jammies.

NO CLUB RACES THIS WEEKEND……….as in past years, because many of the CLYC sailors are traveling to the Inter-Lake Regatta at Lake Minnetonka, there will be no local races………..which of course means there will be a beautiful breeze out of the southwest.

A MESSAGE FROM HEAD PRO CHARLIE MACNIDER………….we know 9:30 is kind of early on a Saturday morning, and 10:00 feels the same on Sunday, but please make a concerted effort to arrive at the race course on time…………….even if you have to do it in your jammies (just like Charlie was prepared to do last Sunday, and was rumored to have done, but most assuredly did not do). The judges don’t like to start races with zero boats on the line, or even one or two boats on the line…………but they will. And after all, the early bird gets the worm.

JACK MACNIDER MEMORIAL REGATTA RESULTS………..I know we’re about a week late, but it’s still nice to recognize the winners:

X Fleet                                                                                         MC Fleet

  1. Z-00 Ana Starbeck                                                                 1.   2410 Steve Taylor
  2. Z-8   Sophie Anderson                                                          2.  2574 Randy Kotz
  3. Z-7   Wil Cooney                                                                     3.  2531 Don Taylor, Jr.
  4. Z-11 George Long
  5. Z-999 Alex Starbeck

M17 Fleet                                                                                    Hobie Fleet

  1. USA-2 Marcus Lundberg                                                      1.  1701 Chris Wessels
  2. USA-136 AJ Hanus                                                                2.  5931 Mike Pruchnicki


Later, Oz

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