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18th Aug


August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015

OK, so the six solid weeks of “Chamber of Commerce” weather came to a screaming halt yesterday. Even so, San Diego should be jealous. And last weekend was stuffed full of good racing………I know I ingested my share of Advil just to get through it.

MANY THANKS……… to Jamie and Nancy Zanios for hosting last weekend’s CLYC party. And special thanks to Rex Bergo for having constructed a deck that would hold all of us……………

HOBIE REGATTA………….this weekend in the big lake, so club races for all of the fleets (except the Hobies, of course) will be in the small end of the lake.

SAILING SCHOOL’S OVER FOR THE SUMMER………… all accounts it was another great season of sailing school sessions. We should all give a big shout out to the Sailing School Staff and the Board Members who make this happen year after year. Amy Wagler and Company had a great year teaching young sailors not only how to have fun with sailboats, but also how to have fun together. There were lots of new faces and new families who were able to share good times and memories made this season…..enough I’m sure to carry over to next year and the year after that, etc., etc., etc.

ILYA CHAMPIONSHIPS………….are this weekend at Lake Geneva. I know “the Compound” is sending the MC triumvirate of Mark Tesar and Stu and Emily Oltrogge to represent Clear Lake. Good luck to them (and to any M17 or E racers who I don’t know about who might be heading that way as well).

BLOOPER NOMINATIONS…….should come flooding in over the next couple of weeks. Contact Stu Oltrogge ( with any tales of sailing or boating-related mishaps that happened to other Yacht Club members or their families…………..or to yourself, if you’re brave enough to disclose it to the world. If you’re having difficulty coming up with anything, I would suggest you jog your memory by focusing on any regattas you may have attended, or harken back to Memorial Day or the Fourth of July holidays……….those are usually fertile ground for boating screw-ups of the highest order. Stu will pool the nominations and all those who attend the Year End Banquet will have an opportunity to vote for the person(s) most deserving of holding the Blooper Award trophy for another year.

‘Nuff said, Oz


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