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Ice is out and the docks are going in.  Let's get this rock'n summer going!!
26th May


May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016

The summer sailing season must be just around the corner, because (1) I could swear I saw John Hanson’s “Boat 4” doing a lap around the lake last Sunday doing pre-race reconnaissance, (2) Denni Erickson has the yearbooks done (and wishes many thanks to those advertised in the yearbook, and to Dawn Southwick who did her annual yeoman’s duties), and (3) PRO Tom Erickson has declared that “the marks are in the boat, and we are ready to start on time on Saturday… permitting”.

MEMORIAL DAY REGATTA…….is this weekend. The X, MC and M17 fleets will sail back-to-backs starting at 9:30 Saturday morning. The E, C and Hobie fleets will do the same at 2:00 Saturday afternoon. All fleets (except the E’s) will sail on Sunday morning at 10:00.

The Board has decided to honor Don Taylor, Sr., who passed away last fall, by designating this year’s Memorial Day Regatta in his name……… recognition of his past Commodoreship, his numerous contributions in support of the Club and the Sailing School, and the encouragement he provided to his family to be active sailors and be heavily engaged in CLYC activities.

The honor could just as easily have gone to Russ Schurtz, who also left us last fall, in recognition of exactly the same things, which he did with great aplomb, wry wit, and unwavering optimism.

AND BECAUSE IT IS MEMORIAL DAY……….it’s an appropriate time to remember a few others who recently passed and who were longtime members of, or supporters of, the CLYC, the Sailing School and sailing in general. I know I will forget to name some, and I apologize for that, but Marilyn Broghammer, Charlie Crane and Joe Ryan do come immediately to mind. They will be missed………..

ADMINISTRATIVE STUFF……….Stu Oltrogge has done a bang-up job of updating email addresses for all of you members, but if you notice something is still amiss, please let either Stu or me know, and we will try to correct it. The same goes for your summer and winter residence addresses………we try to keep up with changes, but frankly, we don’t always stay on top of it as well as we should…………we don’t want to be sending newsletters to wrong addresses or to wrong people.

SCHEDULES…………..Just a reminder that you can quickly view all upcoming Yacht Club related events by going to the website ( The right site of the opening page displays stuff that is coming up in the near future. And, if you click on the “Calendar of Events” tab at the top of the opening page you can see all kinds of things that are scheduled for the entire season (like parties, races, regattas, club rentals, etc.). But just in case that isn’t convenient enough (and if you want to have something to post on your refrigerator), some schedules are included with this newsletter (they should be reasonably accurate)………..and you will also find it in your yearbook when it comes out.

EARLY WARNING……….The first party of the year will be Saturday, June 4, at the Yacht Club, beginning around 6:30 p.m. The Social Members will be handling hors d’ oeuvres………and I’m sure many of them will use the next week and a half to break out their scrumptious recipes.

BOARD MEETING………..this Sunday, May 29, 4:00 p.m. at the Yacht Club.

Fair Winds, Oz

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