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Ice is out and the docks are going in.  Let's get this rock'n summer going!!
7th Jul


July 7, 2016

July 7, 2016

Mother Nature was on her best behavior for the Fourth of July holiday. Not too hot, not too cold, no rain, and everyone enjoyed plenty of sailboat racing, fireworks, the carnie, concerts all around the lake, etc., etc., etc..

CLYC PARTY………the next Yacht Club party is this Saturday, July 9, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Osmundson residence, 507 South Shore Drive. Board Members will bring the food, but remember that ALL CLYC members are invited to attend. Please enter on the north side of the house so you don’t have to wade through the Juhlin construction/war zone that’s on the south side.


E Fleet                                                           C Fleet                                                        Hobie Fleet

  1. Z-3   Emily Oltrogge                              1. Z-2 Tom Birdsall                                    1. 1701 Chris Wessels
  2. Z-15 Charlie MacNider                         2. Z-3 Bill Nicholas                                    2. 6650 Steve Brewer
  3. Z-2   Marcus Lundberg
  4. Z-1   Eric Protzman

MC Fleet                                                    X Fleet                                                        M17 Fleet

  1. 2566 Byron Beasley                           1. Z-00 Ana Starbeck                              1. USA84 Molly Anderson
  2. 2178 Mark Tesar                                2. Z-7   Riley Cooney                               2. USA2   Finstad/Cooney
  3. 2605 Brad Osmundson                    3. Z-16 Billy Starbeck
  4. 2569 Eric Protzman                          4. Z-8   Libby Anderson
  5. 2574 Randy Kotz

FIRST SERIES RESULTS……….so, the first half of the summer sailing season is over and here’s how you did:

C Fleet                                                       Hobie Fleet                                             M17 Fleet

  1. Z-2 Tom Birdsall                          1. 1701 Chris Wessels                            1. USA84 Molly Anderson
  2. Z-3 Bill Nicholas                          2. 6650 Steve Brewer                            2. USA2   Finstad/Cooney

MC Fleet                                                    X Fleet

  1. 2606 Stu Oltrogge                        1. Z-00 Ana Starbeck
  2. 2178 Mark Tesar                           2. Z-11 George Long
  3. 2401 Todd Tesar                           3. Z-999 Alex Starbeck
  4. 2340 Emily Oltrogge                   4. Z-16 Billy Starbeck
  5. 2605 Brad Osmundson

INTERLAKE REGATTA QUALIFIERS……….Because I assume you’re already tired of seeing lists in this newsletter, I will tell you that you can find the sailors who have qualified for next month’s Interlake Regatta posted on the CLYC website.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE ALL IOWA X BOAT REGATTA……….Maggie Long was kind enough to send me a rundown of the All Iowa X Boat Regatta that was held here a week and a half ago, featuring six races between the six X Boats representing Clear Lake and the eleven boats representing Lake Okoboji. Libby Anderson won most improved female skipper, Ana Starbeck won most improved overall, and (drum roll, please) George Long won 2nd place overall after winning 3 races. Congrats to the Clear Lake X Boat skippers and crew who participated, including:

George Long/ Leif Lundberg

Ana Starbeck/ Simon Moses

Riley Cooney/ Madeline McKenna

Alex Starbeck/ Cameron Terry

Billy Starbeck/ Easton Deviives

Libby Anderson/ Isabel

STILL SEEKING DONATIONS FOR THE ILYA OPTI CHAMPIONSHIPS RAFFLE……….Please hunt for any new or gently used sailing related items you may have lying around so they can be offered as part of the raffle to be held August 1 during the Opti Championships being held here at Clear Lake, where all proceeds will go to the Sailing School. You can drop your “stuff” off at the Osmundson residence, 507 South Shore Drive, any time OR you can bring it to this Saturday’s Yacht Club party (which is at the same address). If you can’t seem to find any “stuff”, Julie Lundberg ( will also gladly accept cash donations, which she will use to purchase items to be raffled.

AND STILL SEEKING VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ILYA OPTI CHAMPS REGATTA……The regatta is at Clear Lake from Sunday, July 31 through Tuesday, August 2. Please contact Meg Casey at to offer to help in any way you can, and she will find a spot for you.

Later, Oz

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