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27th Jul


July 28 2016

July 28, 2016

So, the totally unexpected storm(s) that blew through last Saturday kept us off the lake. The dewpoint had already reached 75 anyway, so maybe the storms saved us from being “slimed” on the race course. Regardless, Sunday’s nice breezes out of the northwest made up for it, and we squeezed a couple of races in before the noon hour………Get ready, because we’ve got a busy weekend ahead………

YACHT CLUB PARTY THIS WEEKEND……….It’s on Saturday, July 30, 6:30 p.m. at past Commodore Gerald Petersen’s home, 1123 South Shore Drive. CLYC Board Members are responsible for bringing good hors d’oeuvres for the rest of us to graze on. This party is dubbed “Sailing School Night”, and it doubles as a fundraising event for the Sailing School, so please bring some funds along. You can hear about the program, goals and recent important events. There will be silent auction items and a few live auction items. Your donations will go to the Sailing School’s general fund, to help ensure sailing school remains affordable, safe, fun and first class. Sailing School Treasurer, Andi Tisor, asked me to remind you that if you can’t make it to the party, she will gladly accept your donations any other day of the year….they are tax deductible after all……

JACK MACNIDER MEMORIAL REGATTA RESULTS……….Well, we managed to get two races in and here are the racers who figured it out……..

X Fleet                                                                        M17 Fleet

  1. Z-00   Ana Starbeck                                                USA-136 Maddie Hess
  2. Z-999 Alex Starbeck                                                USA-2   Will Finstad/Wil Cooney
  3. Z-11   George Long
  4. Z-16   Billy Starbeck

MC Fleet                                                                      E Fleet

  1. 2178 Mark Tesar                                                    1.  Z-10 Stuart Schurtz
  2. 2606 Stu Oltrogge                                                 2.  Z-3    Emily Oltrogge
  3. 2340 Emily Oltrogge                                            3.  Z-2   Marcus Lundberg
  4. 2574 Randy Kotz

OPTIMIST CHAMPIONSHIPS…….are almost here. 80 boats are pre-registered. Check-in is this Sunday, July 31 from 2-7 p.m. Sailing will be Monday and Tuesday, August 1-2. All meals and T-shirts need to be purchased on Sunday at the Yacht Club. We could still use a few more spectator boats for Monday and Tuesday’s races. And there a still some open volunteer slots (Sunday morning from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and launch assist and measurement help from 3-7 p.m. on Sunday as well). If you haven’t offered your help (or even if you have) please contact Margaret Oz ( or 612-418-8856).

INTERLAKES REGATTA AT OKOBOJI……….comes right on the heels of Opti Champs. If you are planning to attend, and haven’t let your fleet captain or Secretary-Treasurer Hank Anderson ( know, you need to do so before this weekend. The CLYC will pay your boat registration fees upfront ($75 for E’s – $50 for C’s – $40 for MC’s – $30 for X’s)………then you can reimburse the Yacht Club for your fee before the end of the season. Each sailor needs to go on the Okoboji Yacht Club website ( before August 1 to order meals and T-shirts.



MC INVITATIONAL at Lake Harriet…….was a couple of weekends ago. Congratulations to Emily Oltrogge for being the Top Female and 11th overall and her dad, Stu Oltrogge, for finishing 4th overall. 47 boats on a small lake made for some exciting and close racing. Also making the trip from Clear Lake was Mark Tesar, who finished 9th overall and won the final race, Todd Tesar and Byron Beasley.

E INVITATIONAL at Lake Mendota……was the same weekend, on a much bigger lake with about the same number of boats. Clear Lake was represented by Z-10 and its crew of Stu Schurtz, Casey Callanan, Brad Price and Hunter Callanan. 6 races were sailed and Z-10 beat enough other E Boats to make it all worthwhile.

AND FINALLY…….E Fleet godfather, Jeff Nicholas, wants to thank Charlie MacNider for generously donating an E-Scow mainsail to the ever-growing E fleet…….much appreciated.

Later, Oz

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