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8th Jun


June 8, 2017


June 8, 2017

I wasn’t around last weekend, but I understand there was a bit of carnage on the E Fleet race course on Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to the two surviving boats. It’s hard to shake the rust off after a long off season……..even harder when the wind starts to scream.

FIRST YACHT CLUB PARTY IS FINALLY HERE………..6:30 p.m., Saturday, June 10 at the Yacht Club. Social members get to bring the hors d’oeuvres, and the rest of us get to eat them. The Compound will be “donating” a keg of beer, and the rest of us get to drink it. Remember, because the Club is on City land, no hard liquor can be served or brought on to the property……….but that shouldn’t stop us from having a good time. The Sailing School will be holding a fundraiser during the party, so bring along your loose change (or, better yet, your checkbooks) to snap up auction items that will be available.

MEMORIAL DAY REGATTA RESULTS……….I know the Memorial Day Regatta was almost two weeks ago, but the results still stand. It was fairly windy and the water was still cold, so the participants should get some recognition:

X Fleet                                                        MC Fleet                                             Hobie Fleet

  1. Z-7   Riley Cooney                                           1.  2178 Mark Tesar                           1. 6650 Steve Brewer
  2. Z-16 Billy Starbeck                                         2.  2606 Stuart Oltrogge                   2. 1701 Chris Wessels
  3.                                                                             3.  2401 Todd Tesar                           3.

CLYC YEARBOOKS ARE OUT………..hopefully you have received yours. Thanks for the umpteenth time to Denni Erickson for coordinating the whole thing………..and thanks for the nearly umpteenth time to Dawn Southwick for securing all the local merchant advertising you see in the yearbook.

AMERICA’S CUP…….If you get NBCSN on your television, or laptop, or iPad, or whatever, you should check out the Challenger series of the America’s Cup. The type of boats and the racing format may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s pretty crazy stuff…….when boats can achieve speeds of 40 knots, 400 meter leads can disappear in an instant, port-starboard crossings become monumental events, and capsizes are epic spectacles.

MEL PAULSEN MEMORIAL……….As most of you know, former Commodore Mel Paulsen passed away suddenly this past spring. His family is holding a celebration of his life at the Yacht Club on Friday, June 16 at 5:00 p.m. Mel was one of those good guys, and this is an opportunity for you to share some memories.

Later, Oz

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