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13th Jul


July 13, 2017

July 13, 2017

Last weekend was actually very nice………unless you were looking to get a lot of sailboat racing in. The E’s were the only fleet to get any tiller time on the race course. It’s my hope that you all survived the Fourth of July, and that all your visiting friends and relatives have by now figured out that the party is over and it’s time to leave.


X Fleet                                              M17 Fleet                                                      Hobie Fleet

  1. Riley Cooney                               1. Ana Starbeck                                             1. Mike Pruchnicki
  2. Libby Anderson                          2. David Atkinson                                        2. Steve Brewer
  3. Alex Starbeck
  4. Billy Starbeck

MC Fleet                                            E Fleet                                                    C Fleet

  1. Mark Tesar                                    1. Emily Oltrogge                                 1. Bill Nicholas
  2. Eric Protzman                              2. Brad Price                                         2. Tom Birdsall
  3. Stu Oltrogge                                  3. Schurtz/Callanan
  4. Randy Kotz                                   4. Mark Tesar
  5. Emily Oltrogge


X Fleet                                               M17 Fleet                                                 Hobie Fleet

  1. Riley Cooney                                 1.  Ana Starbeck                                      1. Steve Brewer
  2. Alex Starbeck                                2.  David Atkinson                                 2. Chris Wessels
  3. Billy Starbeck

MC Fleet                                              C Fleet

  1. Mark Tesar                                     1. Bill Nicholas
  2. Eric Protzman                               2. Tom Birdsall
  3. Stu Oltrogge
  4. Todd Tesar
  5. Emily Oltrogge
  6. Randy Kotz

INTERLAKES REGATTA………is fast approaching. It will be Saturday, Aug. 5 through Sunday, Aug. 6 at White Bear Lake. For those of you who have long memories, the White Bear Yacht Club is actually opening up the adjacent pool (with a pool menu and drinks) on the evening of Friday, Aug. 4, after we get all the boats in. CLYC FLEET CAPTAINS TAKE NOTE……….you should be contacting your fleet members to determine who will be attending, so that fleet registrations can be completed and registration fees figured out. The Interlakes Regatta is open to all who want to attend, but only the top five boats from each yacht club’s fleet will count toward the regatta’s team scoring.


EARLY PARTY WARNING…… seems like it’s been forever since we had a YC party. But never fear, the next one will be at Mark and Kristin Ebeling’s home, 441 North Shore Drive, on Saturday, July 22 starting at 6:30 p.m. A whole host of folks are in charge of bringing the hors d’oeuvres……..namely Board Members, X Boat Parents, C Boaters and E Boaters.

GOOD LUCK TO THIS WEEKEND’S REGATTA PARTICIPANTS………..Emily Oltrogge and Brad Price (and their crews) are trekking their E Boats to Pewaukee for E Invitationals. Mark Tesar and Todd Tesar are hauling their MCs to Lake Beulah for MC Invitationals. Here’s to you guys (and gal) bringing some hardware back.


Later, Oz


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