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3rd Jun


May 31, 2019

May 31, 2019

So Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty much Chamber of Commerce days.  Monday was whatever the opposite of that is…………..

FIRST CLYC PARTY……….is this Saturday, June 1, 6:30 p.m. at the Yacht Club building.  All CLYC members are invited.  Social members will be treating us to their always fabulous hors d’ oeuvres.  And remember, because this is at the Yacht Club, beverages are BYOB……….and by BYOB I mean beer and wine and non-alcoholic drinks only………..hard liquor is verboten.

ALSO PARTY RELATED……..this from Ann Schurtz……”Available for sale at the party will be decals of the CLYC burgee and the Sailing Center logo.  These are suitable for display on cars, trucks, transoms and anywhere else you want to show pride in being part of our venerable organization.  In addition to the usual summer visitors, we’re hosting the E-Invitational in July, so it’s a great time to “show the flag.”  All proceeds will go toward the Sailing Center activities, so jump onboard to support the effort @ $5.00 each.”  Thanks for the heads up, Ann……..I think we’ll do that………

MEMORIAL DAY REGATTA RESULTS………….The E’s and MC’s got back to back races in on Saturday.  Winds in the mid-teens and water temps in the low 60s drove the PRO’s decision to have the X boats stay on shore.  Sunday’s lack of wind was OK for an early season recreational sail………but not for racing.
MC Fleet                                       E Fleet

  1. 2718  Mark Tesar                     1.  Z-13 Mark Tesar
  2. 2605  Brad Oz                          2.  Z-9   Bradley Price
  3. 2401  Todd Tesar                      3.  Z-23 Emily Oltrogge
  4. 2606 Stuart Oltrogge                4.  Z-94 Eric Protzman
  5. 2566 Byron Beasley                 5.  Z-15 Charlie MacNider

NO MORE HARD COPY NEWSLETTER DELIVERY……….At the last CLYC Board of Directors meeting, the directors decided to eliminate the US Postal Mail delivery of the Crow’s Nest, and deliver it solely via email, except in cases where the recipient does not have an electronic mailbox (editor’s note: does such a person really exist?).  Members who’ve been receiving a paper copy are being contacted to ensure they’re aware of this change, and to make other arrangements if necessary.  The change will be effective after this week’s newsletter.  All members should remember to update the CLYC list if their email address should change………you can do this as part of your CLYC registration each year, or (if you don’t want to wait that long) contact Stu Oltrogge at and let him know.

CHAMBER BUSINESS AFTER HOURS…….is Tuesday, June 4, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the Yacht Club.  CLYC is hosting this jointly with the Clear Lake Sailing Center and the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake.

LOST………..Melges MC trailer, silver grey with black carpet on the bunks……….If found, please contact Eric Protzman before he starts posting photos on every telephone pole in town.

Later, Oz

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