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3rd Jul


July 3, 2019

July 3, 2019

Last weekend was a red letter weekend……..we got all of our races in. ‘Nuff said…………

FOURTH OF JULY REGATTA………. Is this weekend, so expect back to back races on Saturday.

RUSS SCHURTZ MEMORIAL DAD/MOM/LAD/LASS RESULTS………….Just when it looked like we weren’t going to be able to pull off our third attempt, PRO Charlie MacNider spotted some breeze filling in by the island and told the X Boaters and their parents and assorted other relatives (including grandparents…….i.e. Ed Quinn) to get their boats ready and come on out.  A nice breeze ensued, there was a race, and the results are:

  1. Z-11                 Marcus and Leif Lundberg
  2. Z-7                   Jamie and Easton DeVries
  3. Z-88                Al and Sam Ludwig
  4. Z-15                 Mark and Elle Ebeling
  5. Z-16                 Ed Quinn and Danny Starbeck
  6. Z-00                Mike and Billy Starbeck

FIRST SERIES RESULTS………..The First Series of club racing ended this past weekend and the results are in.  Read ‘em and weep:
X Fleet                                      MC Fleet                                  E Fleet

  1. Z-7  Easton DeVries         1. 2718 Mark Tesar                1.  Z-13  Mark Tesar
  2. Z-00 Billy Starbeck          2. 2606  Stuart Oltrogge      2.  Z-23  Emily Oltrogge
  3. Z-88 Sam Ludwig             3. 2401 Todd Tesar               3.  Z-9    Bradley Price
  4. Z-16 Danny Starbeck       4. 2340  Emily Oltrogge       4.  Z-15  Charlie MacNider
  5. Z-15 Elle Ebeling              5. 2605  Brad Osmundson   5. Z-3     Jeff Nicholas

C Fleet                                       M17 Fleet

  1. Z-3     Bill Nicholas           1.  136  Dave Atkinson
  2. Z-100 Steve Swift              2.  2     Ana Starbeck

E INVITATIONAL……….is next weekend and the co-chairs tell me we’re ready to host the 30+ E Boats that we expect to attend.
Mark Tesar is in need of housing for five off-the-lake race committee folks.  They don’t need a dock……..they don’t need a place to park a boat……….they just need a room. If you could help out, please do…….and contact Mark (

Later, Oz

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