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29th Apr


Crow’s Nest 04/30/20

April 30, 2020

Just over 3 weeks folks to get your memberships paid and be ready for the racing and social activities planned for the summer! I know, I know those activities are subject to this and that but, if you haven’t noticed some of those restrictions are being lifted and we’re ever-so-slowly inching our way to normalcy. Go to to join our eventual normalcy this summer! Register online or print a hard copy. 

How about in this issue we start a new trend… Highlighting events as they’re set to happen rather than bouncing all over the place…

May 2nd, that’s this Saturday if you’ve lost your calendar.  We’ve got the first and hopefully last “Outdoors Only Clean Up” scheduled for the yacht club.  If you or your family or your neighborhood would like to attend and help clean up the green spaces that would be great.   Shoot Margaret Oz an email, she’ll be happy to get you details. Don’t forget, access to the YC building will not be permitted. 

The Memorial Day Regatta will kick off our sailing season on May 23rd. That’s just one day after memberships are due if you’ve forgotten…  The M17, MC and X Fleets are slated to start at 0930 with the E fleet at 1400. The way the forecast looks for the next couple weeks the water should be right on par with our typical Memorial Day temps……Still Chilly…… It may be a good idea to have the foul weather gear handy just in case……

If you missed the last Crow’s Nest, shame on you! The Sailing Center has some requests regarding registration in their fantastic programs (I’ve included a note from Andi Tisor). 

* A message from the Sailing Center: *

Clear Lake Sailing Center registration is open.  We understand that right now, is very hard to plan for summer.  We have planned a summer schedule but know that we may need to make adjustments. 

We are respectfully waiting to hear what decisions the Governor of Iowa makes, each week, and are also working with other sailing programs, through the ILYA (Inland Lake Yachting Association.)

The one thing I would like to ask…

If you have intentions of registering for any of our sailing programs if we could ask you to “register now” so we can plan.  Staff, schedules, spacing, potentially limiting class sizes… 

I am the Treasurer, and I process payments on my end.  They are NOT processed online.

What we would like to do is receive registrations, for planning, and then at the end of May and beginning of June, we will call or email to verify prior to processing any payments. 

Register now/Pay later. 

Please note, possible “Distance Learning” options: 

We will be offering STEM classes; these could be offered online, if needed.  We could teach “Racers” on the water, complimented with online “chalk talk.”

We hope to see you all on the water soon.

Be safe, be well. 

Andi Tisor, CLYCSS Treasurer

Register Now/Pay Later, that sounds like a heckuva deal to me…  Let’s help out the center and at least let them know who’s planning to come!

The first social event is scheduled for June 13th. Yes, we’ve had some reduced restrictions but, we’re still sitting in a holding pattern until we can announce with certainty the date, time and place of what is certain to be a HUGE shindig. 

Very shortly we’ll report to you the verdict from Regatta Co-Chairs Mark Tesar and Stu Oltrogge the fate of the MCSA Masters Nationals.  A few different options are being kicked around but, right now (meaning right this second) everything is still on track for the June dates of the 18th – 21st.  Once again, get your volunteer hats on, help is going to be needed and if you’re able please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Since you’ve got plenty of time and are feverishly awaiting the upcoming season…… Take some time and check out the new Fast Forward Webinars by the ILYA and Head over to to sign up and watch a webinar live, or, if you can’t be online at that time, head over to and watch the video highlights.  I believe Al Haegar and company at Sailzing are also going to be posting the entire web series.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions for the Crow’s Nest, something I may have missed or something you would like to see/hear/read about, please feel free to let me know. Email is always best, that way I have record of it. 

Registrations……. Due…… May 22nd…….

Stay in the clear air


Dan Allen
MC 2577 – Relentless

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