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Crow’s Nest 06/04/20

June 4, 2020

In times like these it seems as though good news is tough to come by…  Not this week, not in this issue.  This is our time, let’s sit back and enjoy it!  Buckle the seat belts on your recliner or office chair, we’ve got plenty of good news, fun news and excitement to share!

The time has come my friends to Party…  Saturday June 13th, at the Yacht Club building in downtown Clear Lake from 6:30 to 9:00!  The Governor’s Proclamation is still in effect and we must abide by it.  With that said, at this time we CANNOT allow members to bring any food to the Yacht Club to be served potluck style.  Margaret Oz has planned for the Ritz Rings and Things food truck to be on site during the party on the East side of the building. It will be at your own cost; however, can you think of a better comfort food to have during a party?!?  Social distancing will also need to be a priority.  Groups of 10 or less 6 feet apart from other groups of 10 or less, etc…  As is always the case, if you’re not feeling well or worry about the risk of possible exposure, please stay home.  Many more parties will be had!  Naturally, I’ll elaborate more as party time draws closer!

Nothing is more exciting in a club of any kind than to see its youngest members participate and excel…  This past weekend, after being skunked the weekend prior the X fleet began their season.  The entire X fleet kicked off their season; 100% participation in all 3 races to start the year!  It’s fantastic to see our youth so excited about sailing!

Our young members are what make us thrive now and will help us to continue thriving long into the future.  The Clear Lake Sailing Center is the organization making this possible.  This year has brought them many challenges to overcome but, overcome they will.  Click on over to their site and register your favorite kids or maybe even yourself!  On the site you’ll find all the information you need regarding registration for classes and the structure of each class.  Register early, an activity that fun is going to fill up fast!

The competition level within the fleets seems to have, at least to this point increased! Three fleets, the X, E and MC fleets have all had races so far; not a single boat has multiple race wins within their respective fleet…  Perhaps that’s the varying weather conditions over the past two weeks, perhaps it’s ability becoming more equal?  We shall see as the season progresses!

Speaking of racing:  I have updated results for the Memorial Day Regatta from scorer Mark Tesar.

X – Fleet:                                           E – Fleet:

1st   Z-88  Sam Ludwig                      1st   Z-23  Emily Haugerud

2nd  Z-11  Leif Lundberg                    2nd  Z-13  Mark Tesar

3rd  Z-00   Danny Starbeck               3rd  Z-9     Brad Price

4th  Z-15   Elle Ebeling                      4th  Z-3     Jeff Nicholas

5th  Z-48   Finley Nyhus                    5th  Z-10   Ebeling/Callanan

MC – Fleet:

1st  2718  Mark Tesar

2nd 2606  Stuart Oltrogge

3rd  2574  Randy Kotz

4th  2340  Emily Haugerud

5th  2401  Todd Tesar

From the Race Officers corner we have a slight change in procedure……  The course designators on the board at the aft of the committee boat will now be the USSailing course designators.  Here’s some examples of our typical courses:  WA3 (formerly W3) – Start, windward mark with offset, leeward mark, windward mark with offset, leeward mark, windward leg to the finish.  LA2 (formerly L2) – Start, windward mark with offset, leeward mark, windward mark with offset, leeward leg to the finish.  The addition of the “A” just means there’s an offset mark.  The offset has been there forever, it’s just being made more known. If you would like illustrations for the courses, you can find that at  If you have any questions regarding the new procedures and/or designators please feel free to contact Charlie.

  • The simple explanation is the course we sail will not change, only the way they are shown on the board will change.  The change on our part is simply to update ourselves into the current USSailing rules.
  • For the regatta buffs in the fleets, the answer to your question regarding starts and finishes is no!  We all know, and he has already admitted he’s far too lazy to move the finishes upwind or downwind of the turning marks.  The starts and finishes will remain as is, no changes.

HRO Charlie MacNider would also ask the spectator fleet to be mindful of their location on the course.  We all want you to be as close to your favorite sailors, however, please be watchful of others.

I’m exploring some fun ideas for the Crow’s Nest and would like a little feedback and ideas for the future.  The first endeavor will be interviews with the 3 lady skippers of the E fleet, hopefully they can provide the club with a little insight to their “sailing innerworkings.”  If you have any ideas with regards to something you would like to see in the Crow’s Nest, please fire off an email to me.

We’ve come to the conclusion of our Crow’s Nest fun for the week……..  Please remember not to bring anything to the party for potluck, please remember the premises is on city property so only beer or wine is permitted.  The reminder will come again, but in the meantime get ready to party on June 13th Corona Virus style.

Stay in the clear air,
Dan Allen
MC 2577 – Relentless

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