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Crow’s Nest 07/02/20

July 2, 2020

No carnival, no parade, no fireworks over the lake?  No problem! The new splash pad at City Beach opens July 3rd.  If you didn’t know, CLYC’s own Gerald Peterson and his company were responsible for building the new venue and it looks amazing! A boat parade sponsored by Clear Lake Boats will be going around the lake Saturday starting at 10am.  Watch from your docks, downtown will be blocked off for a time and State Park Beach will be another good watching point.  The fireworks will commence at… Oh wait they have already courtesy of every fire and boom loving Laker!  Just because this year has been completely turned on its ear doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in different ways!  Celebration at safe distances is ok.

Speaking of celebrating at distances…  The next yacht club party will be held July 18th at the Club in downtown Clear Lake.  Out of an abundance of caution and because quite frankly, it worked out pretty well; the format will remain the same as the previous party.  Please don’t bring any food to share.  Food will be available from a vendor on site; however, that vendor has yet to be chosen. Beer, wine and soft drinks will be provided.  No hard liquor is allowed on the premises.  I’ll have more details with times and food options soon. 

A somber notification to our yacht club family; Past Commodore John Lundberg passed away last Saturday June 27th at his home with his family.  Thank you John, your passion and commitment to the sport of sailing, particularly the activities of the CLYC over the years was rivaled by few. 

“The Clear Lake Yacht Club would like to recognize and honor the life of John Lundberg, who passed away peacefully at the age of 76 last Saturday, at his home with his family by his side.  He is survived by his beloved wife Marty, his children Kathy Gates (David) and Mike Lundberg (Angie), and grandchildren Brian and Megan Gates.

John spent all but two summers of his life at Clear Lake, and sailing was a tremendous part of his life.  When he was just 15 years old in 1959, he started to learn to sail and race a C boat.  He quickly learned and he was proud to win the seamanship award in both his 2nd and 3rd seasons sailing the C.   Later, his interests took him to the E boat, and he won our club championship 21 years in a row when he decided to retire from skippering after the 1994 season.  His daughter Kathy sailed some of those seasons with him and took the helm on occasion as well.  He vividly remembered the Memorial Day Regatta in 1978, when many brand new E boats were on the starting line, including his, only all to be capsized in an incredibly strong storm that took everyone by surprise.  He continued to crew on the E with his son Mike at the helm and his daughter-in-law Angie until 2010 when he was 67 years old.  After retiring from sailing, he was remembered by many for rescuing capsized boats during races.

John was a life member and board member of the ILYA, and was our Commodore in 1975 at the young age of 33.  He was also a CLYC board member on multiple occasions and served as the club’s scorer for many years.  One of his favorite events was the Dad/Mom/Lad/Lass race, where he was able to sail with Kathy and Mike.

John’s E boat was named Elysium, and that is where he is now.  He died as he lived – hand on the helm, eyes on the lake, and family at his side.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!”

Reminder for this Holiday Weekend:  No fleet racing on Saturday at all.  We will resume on Sunday, July 5th.  The MC and X fleets will race at their normal time of 10am, the E’s will race Sunday afternoon at 2. 

The racing season has been tough this year for reasons more than just Covid.  Mother Nature has been on the indecisive side so far during race time, hopefully her mood changes soon so we can get a bunch more racing done. This past weekend brought the 4th of July Regatta for the fleets.  Saturday racing was scrubbed due to a lack of wind. That changed over to some pretty high winds on Sunday.  The regatta results are as follows: 

X Fleet:                                                 E Fleet:

Place Boat Skipper                             Place Boat Skipper

1st Z-00 Danny Starbeck                   1st Z-13 Mark Tesar

2nd Z-88 Sam Ludwig                       2nd Z-23 Emily Haugerud

3rd Z-15 Elle Ebeling                         3rd Z-9 Brad Price

4th Z-7 Jude Sorenson                     4th Z-3 Marcus Lundberg

5th Z-11 Leif Lundberg                     5th Z-7 Will Cooney

MC Fleet: 

Place Boat Skipper

1st 2606 Stuart Oltrogge

2nd 2401 Todd Tesar

3rd 2566 Byron Beasley

4th 2718 Mark Tesar

5th 2410 Steve Taylor

The ILYA has been put in the unenviable position this year of having to postpone, rebid or cancel the entire slate of regattas in the portfolio. All of the folks at the ILYA have worked very hard this year to produce safe regattas for us to participate in.  Unfortunately, it just can’t be done with the exception of a couple regattas.  Rather than being upset we need to show our support for the ILYA and the decisions they’ve had to make.  Thank you to all of them!

The X Inland and the IOD Champs will be held this year.  The X Junior fleet will sail at Pewaukee Yacht Club July 27th – 29th, with the X Senior fleet to follow from July 30th – August 1st.  The Optis will race at Pine Lake Yacht Club August 3rd and 4th. I believe we have several boats attending each. 

Our own regatta chairs Mark Tesar and Stu Oltrogge have some tough decisions to make soon.  As of right now, the MC Masters National Championship is still on.  That is set to run from September 17th – September 20th.  Mark and Stu have been in regular contact with the MC association, sailors as well as other regatta chairs to ensure a safe yet fun regatta should we be able to hold it. 

Did anyone notice the MC’s out last Wednesday?  Every Wednesday, conditions permitting, the MC fleet is planning to get together on the lake for some practice and tuning. It’s designed to be a fun, learning situation, not serious racing. Would you like to get out in an MC, skipper or crew?  Give one of us a call, or drop us an email, we’d love to have some new blood in the fleet; we’ll get you on a boat!

Don’t forget the upcoming Russ Schurtz Memorial Dad/Ladd Mom/Lass race on July 12th at 2pm.  The time is dwindling to cram in that much needed practice time.  Kids don’t forget to brush up on your harassment and heckling ability toward your parents… Of course, remember to keep those skills strictly to a needed basis on the boat! 

Enjoy the weekend everyone, stay safe on the lake!


Dan Allen

MC 2577 – Team Relentless

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