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Ice is out and the docks are going in.  Let's get this rock'n summer going!!
23rd Jul


Crow’s Nest 07/16/20

July 16, 2020


Party time: Take Two – The festivities are Saturday 7/18 at the clubhouse in downtown Clear Lake, beginning at 6:30.  Beer, wine and soft drinks/water will be provided; don’t forget no hard liquor is allowed at the club. This shindig will have the same format as the previous party with the tent, bar and beer all setup outside.  The Ritz Rings and Things food truck will once again be setup on site selling their culinary delights for all to enjoy.  For the safety of all concerned let’s be sure to stay out of the clubhouse with the obvious exception of using the restrooms.  Social distancing should still be observed and of course if you’re ill or concerned about crowds please stay home.  We’ll have plenty more parties in the future, keep yourself and others safe.


During the party the Sailing Center will have on display and for sale neck gaiters and t-shirts.  If you haven’t seen them, the neck gaiters are pretty cool; they feature the CLYC burgee as well as CLSC logo. The t-shirts have a thoughtful and impressive design on them sure to create lasting memories of 2020! Bring cash, check or credit card they’re prepared to take money in any form!  Help them out and add these useful pieces to your collection!


Attention C and MC fleets:  A combined fleet party has been scheduled for July 25th at the Oz residence, 507 S Shore Dr, Clear Lake.  Margaret advises she’ll be providing the rum, beer and wine…. She’ll also be doing prepackaged maid rites and chips.  Bird is bringing pizzas…  I sure hope the fleets come hungry or Oz’s are going to have a preplanned menu the rest of the summer! Any questions please call Margaret at 612-418-8856


In case you missed it the Sailing Center programs are filling up fast!  It’s a great problem for them to have, especially in these confusing and uncertain times.  If you are looking to sign up your child or other family member please do so quickly.  You certainly don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bless someone with the gift of sailing ability and knowledge.


This past Sunday brought the annual Russ Schurtz Memorial Dad/Lad/Mom/Lass race.  This event always promises to be a highlight of the summer, not just for those racing in it but, also for those watching and those looking forward to the time they get to enjoy this great tradition.  This year brought first time racing parents, familiar faces and the crowning of a back-to-back winning team. Great job to all those who participated!  The results are as follows:


Place    Boat    Skipper/Crew

1st    Z-11    Marcus & Leif Lunberg

2nd    Z-15    Kristin & Elle Ebeling

3rd    Z-00    Lexa & Danny Starbeck

4th     Z-88    Al & Sam Ludwig

5th     Z-48    Rebecca & Finley Nyhus

6th     Z-7     Jake & Jude Sorensen

7th     Z-17    Andi & Charlotte Tisor & Georgia Ebeling



Problematic, challenging and frustrating…  All adjectives fitting to describe the majority of weekend racing we’ve seen thus far.  Light, variable winds have plagued us quite a bit lately.  Despite our unfortunate luck the X fleet continues their streak of full participation and the MC fleet had its highest turnout of the year with 15 boats on the starting line last Sunday.  The E fleet continues to get skunked due to either the highest or lowest wind extremes.  In years we have conditions such as these, yet still manage to sail quality races, we must acknowledge the hard work, patience and persistence of our race committee teams.  These gentlemen and ladies work very hard so we have great times on the lake and enjoy quality racing. We owe them a thank you and a huge round of applause at the very least.  Thanks Charlie and the entire RC crew.


This weekend is the Jack MacNider Memorial Regatta.  Expect back-to-back races on Saturday as usual on a regatta weekend, however, don’t be surprised to see back-to-back races on Sunday either.  Scorer Mark Tesar advises the first three races of the weekend will be those counted for the regatta results.  E Fleet, you do have racing on Sunday afternoon as well this weekend, don’t forget about that!


A quick regatta update in case you missed it.  Only the X boats and Optimists will be racing in ILYA sponsored regattas this summer… With all the pandemonium this summer we shouldn’t be shocked by the slight change in programming and timing for the ILYA X Championships.  The Pewaukee Yacht Club will be the hosts now instead of Lake Geneva.  Senior Fleet racing has been moved to the front end of the week, July 27-29 with the Junior Fleet sailing July 30 – Aug. 1.  Please see for all the details, and plenty more details there are, especially for our Junior fleet racers (that’s your queue to read the NOR very closely) …..  Best of luck to all the sailors heading East in a couple weeks.


Due to a delivery error, our fabulous 2020 yearbook was unfortunately missing a few members at the back.  To add those folks to your copy, please access here and print the addendum, which you can fold in half and tuck into the back of the book.  Also, the Yachting Club of America reciprocal courtesy cards for 2020 were not on hand at the time the yearbook shipped out.  Although some folks may not have even missed these, many members make good use of them and are anxious to get theirs.  Therefore, we will be sending them out upon request only.  To request yours, email Deb Tesar at or call at 641-357-8642.  For more information about these cards see page 12 in your 2020 CLYC yearbook.


I believe that’s all for now.  Hope to see you on the water and at the party this Saturday!


Stay in the clear air,

Dan Allen
MC 2577 – Relentless

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