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Ice is out and the docks are going in.  Let's get this rock'n summer going!!
7th Jul


Crow’s Nest 07/08/21

Wow!!! The carnival, boat parade, fireworks and the parade down Main are all in the books!  The town and lake can now return to it’s normal semi-fast paced summer environment rather than light-speed mayhem!  I’m certain everyone had a great time despite the faster than normal conditions!  Don’t worry Lakers, we have plenty of happenings still to come, check out for more!


This Saturday, July 10th from 4pm to 7pm at the VFW in Clear Lake the Celebration of Life for Bob Swanson will be held.  Now that all the COVID restrictions have been lifted, Phil and Chelsea have decided to bring everyone together to memorialize Bob. All you need to bring is your stories of Bob; appetizers and drinks will be provided by the Swanson Family. All who are able are invited to attend.


Last week I missed a huge thank you…  I can’t believe I did it, without mine (thanks Riley) and the others, we would have all been “In Deep Ship” (thanks Jude, I love that boat name!)!  The crews… Enough can never be said about the crew in an MC; the fact of the matter is, the crew is of the utmost importance when the breeze is on (like the Saturday afternoon craziness during Nationals)… So, to all the regular crews and those who volunteered to crew, we the CLYC MC fleet and the MCSA thank you very much!


The next Yacht Club party will be held at the Tesar-Oltrogge-Tesar Compound on July 17th at 6:30.  For those of you who don’t know; that’s located at 627, 701 and 705 N Shore Dr.  All 3 houses in a row make for the perfect host location!  Social members; the time has come to impress with your always amazing delights! Please bring Hor D’oeuvres to share and help out with the bartending duties.  More details will be coming next week, stay tuned!


Early notice for the MC Fleet party. It’s July 24th at the Compound again…  It never gets old having parties there.  Fleet Captain Stu Oltrogge hasn’t given any details on what will certainly be a raucous event, this is just a notice, perhaps a warning…


X Boat parents: have you gotten together to reschedule the annual Russ Schurtz Memorial Dad/Mom/Lad/Lass Race yet??? The entire club is awaiting the annual day of good family fun…  You know, be berated by your kids in public for not going the right way…  It’s all in good fun to be sure, you’re not scared are you?


FYI folks who ordered new YC logo’d items from the Sailing Center; those items should be in by the end of this week!  Andi Tisor will be putting the orders together and distributing them ASAP, she has quite a bit on her plate with this order, please be patient.  The true generosity, support and of course the need for great looking logo’d items has shown again!


The 4th of July Regatta is also in the books; after being skunked on Saturday the X and MC fleets got 2 windy races in on Sunday; the E fleet once again, gets nothing… The results are as follows:

4th of July Regatta      
MC Fleet: Place   Boat   Skipper
  1st   2790   Todd Tesar
  2nd   2718   Mark Tesar
  3rd   2606   Stuart Oltrogge
  4th   2569   Eric Protzman
  5th   2605   Brad Osmundson
X Fleet: Place   Boat   Skipper
  1st   Z-15   Elle Ebeling
  2nd   Z-00   Danny Starbeck
  3rd   Z-7   Jude Sorensen
  4th   Z-88   Sam Ludwig
  5th   Z-48   Finley Nyhus
  6th   Z-11   Leif Lundberg
  7th   Z-84   Brady Amble


I find it unlikely another member looks at the standings in each fleet as much as I do during a week, especially when I’m preparing a Crows Nest…  With that said; you should take a look! Have you noticed how close the X boat standings are?  An amazing job by all our youth sailors! It’s great to see the enthusiasm for sure; the fight and friendly competition is perhaps more exciting. Right now the 1st place boat and 4th place boat are separated by just 7 tenths of a point (.7)…  Consistency is paying off!  The MC fleet has been the Tesar show…  Not just Mark this year; Todd has kicked his new boat into high gear, posting 4 race wins.  Together Mark and Todd have won 7 of the 8 races sailed.  Top to bottom, the MC fleet scores are as close as they’ve ever been! I pick on the C fleet guys a lot so I’ll leave those nice gentlemen alone for now…  The E fleet just keeps getting shut out; it’s another of those years where the breeze is either ON or OFF most Saturday afternoons…


This weekend is the end of the First Series; normally that means it’s the end of Interlakes qualifying also…  I know an Interlakes Regatta is planned at Minnetonka this year, I don’t know that anyone from Clear Lake is going… To be honest, I don’t even know the dates; it’s usually the annual Brad Oz birthday bash weekend but I think the timing is off this year!  Sorry Oz…


This Friday the ILYA E and MC Invitationals kick off.  The E’s are at Mendota; I believe the Z-9 Team (Brad Price and crew) is going, continuing their summer regatta circuit.  Mark Tesar will be in Mendota as well, however, in a Race Committee capacity.  The MC’s are at Okauchee in Wisconsin; I don’t believe any from our fleet are attending as they’re gearing up for the Big Inland in Okoboji.


Speaking of the ILYA Championships, they’re fast approaching; that’s almost depressing to say, the summer is just flying by…  X Boaters, I hope you’re getting prepped and psyched to go back to Pewaukee for another great event July 28 – 31!  I understand, most if not all are planning to make the “short” trip over and test their new skills against the fleet’s best.  The A’s and MC’s sail simultaneously at Okoboji Yacht Club, August 15-18; the E’s and C’s end the weeklong event August 18-21.


Several Blooper Award nominations have come in; keep them coming!  Some of you have been awfully tight lipped this year….  Who paid you off?  Remember, time will reveal all secrets and no amount of money can  keep you safe!


Stay in the Clear Air


Dan Allen
MC 2811  – ?

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