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14th Jul


Crow’s Nest 07/15/21

Attention Yacht Club party fans!!!! This Saturday is the next social event; it will start at 6:30 at the Tesar-Oltrogge-Tesar Compound – That’s 627, 701 and 705 North Shore Dr.  Social members, finally you get to dazzle us with the amazing delicacies you’re known for; if you could also help out with the bar, that would be fantastic.  This is a private residence, so booze is allowed at this party; I’m sure Vice Commodore/Social Director Mike Starbeck will have it stocked well!!!

Social Members; do you have an interest in getting out on a race boat; perhaps going out to watch and learn with a sailor…?  The parties are a great place to start exploring those options… Sailors in all fleets are looking for crew; former sailors and those with experience love to talk and explain the sport too.  Talk to one of us, we’d love to have you join our fun!

A reminder to the MC Fleet; your fleet party is being held at the Compound on July 24th…  I don’t have any further details at the time; those will be sent out shortly…

If you haven’t received your CLYC logo wears from Andi Tisor yet, I’m shocked…  If for some reason that’s the case, contact her and she’ll make arrangements to get it to you!

The Russ Schurtz Memorial Dad/Mom/Lad/Lass race will be coming soon.  After needing to cancel the original date, a new date has yet to be decided, however, I’m assured it’s being discussed and will happen this year. Stay tuned for more details!

Leif Lundberg and crew Isaac Smith competed earlier this week at the Geneva Lake Sailing School Dinghyfest; they finished 18th in the 70 boat fleet, which included finishes of 11th and 8th in the last two races.  Very well done young men!  Brad Price and Mark Tesar are both back from Lake Mendota; both participated, though in different capacities at the ILYA E Invitational Regatta.  Brad and crew sailed the event and did the CLYC proud; Mark was there working on the Race Committee, honing his skills for more upcoming duties.  Thank you both!

For those interested a great article regarding the MC Nationals and some thoughts on the MC class, can be found here MC Nationals Wrap Up.  It’s very well written by Melges rep Eric Hood (one of the most sincere people you’ll meet) and features a story about our very own X boat sailor Finley Nyhus… From what I hear, Finley has made quite an impression and will be crewing for Eric again during the upcoming ILYA Championships in Okoboji.

This weekend in addition to another stellar social event is the Jack MacNider Memorial Regatta.  Sailors plan on back-to-back races on Saturday.  E fleet, you have extra racing on Sunday this week; you will have back-to-back races both days…  Scorer Mark Tesar advises that the first three races sailed will be the results for the regatta.

The official end to the First Series of racing was last weekend… Big moves were made in the fleets; finally we got great conditions for fun, fast racing… Soggy, in some cases, muddy, but fun nonetheless. The results for the First Series and the qualifying spots for the Interlakes Regatta are as follows:

X Fleet:
1. Z-15 – Elle Ebling
2. Z-7 – Jude Sorensen
3. Z-88 – Sam Ludwig
4. Z-00 – Danny Starbeck
5. Z-48 – Finley Nyhus
6. Z-11 – Leif Lundberg
7. Z-84 – Brady Amble

MC Fleet:
1. 2718 – Mark Tesar
2. 2790 – Todd Tesar
3. 2606 – Stu Oltrogge
4. 2569 – Eric Protzman
5. 2811 – Dan Allen
6. 2605 – Brad Oz
7. 2574 – Randy Kotz

E Fleet:
1. Z-13 – Mark Tesar
2. Z-94 – Eric Protzman
3. Z-23 – Emily Haugerud
4. Z-7   – Wil Cooney
5. Z-9   – Brad Price

The Fleet Captains will be notifying you of the procedure for entering/participating in the Interlakes Regatta if you so choose.  This year’s event is being held at Minnetonka July 24th and 25th.  Just a two day event; moved up a week from it’s traditional weekend to make room for the X Inland.

The E fleet has been on the worst end of a difficult sailing year in Clear Lake.  The breeze has been unsailable on many occasions; whether it be too high or too low, very unfortunate….  The X fleet was by far the most hotly contested; from beginning to end, heavy air and light, the kids have all performed admirably and fiercely in the first series.  The close results show how competitive they are on the water……Their friendships show how close they are off the water; what a great group we have!  Behind the Tesar brothers, who finished 1, 2; the MC fleet has been very competitive as usual.  The point differential from 3rd to 7th was yet again minimal; another year of tight racing in the largest fleet at the CLYC!

Our sailors will be competing soon in more large regattas:  Next up is the ILYA X Championship at Pewaukee Yacht Club.  From the sound of it, they have a fantastic set of events planned in conjunction with their 125th Anniversary!  The “Big Inland” will be held this year at our neighbors’ place; Okoboji Yacht Club…. Starting off the week will be the A and MC fleets, registration starts Sunday August 15th with racing the 16th – 18th.  The second half of the week will be the E and C fleets racing August 19th – 21st.  I know several boats are making the short trip!

Stay in the Clear Air,

Dan Allen
MC 2811 – Relentless

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