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Ice is out and the docks are going in.  Let's get this rock'n summer going!!
21st Jul


Crow’s Nest 07/22/21

For the first time since 2019 we’ve been able to have a party at a private residence; the first time everyone could let their hair down and have some real, relaxed fun!  What a great party put on by gracious hosts! Thank you to the Oltrogge family and both Tesar families for hosting the entire club!  The always favorite mid Summer tradition and birthday gift for Denni Sue; being tossed in the lake came to a screeching halt this year; something about being 70 and her back hurting…? I guess that just means she’ll have to go in on two separate occasions after she’s mended! I bet the Taylor clans will make themselves available at some point!

A reminder to the MC Fleet; back to the Compound you go!  This Saturday July 24th we party it up again…  Fleet Captain Stu Oltrogge has sent a separate email to the fleet with the details; if you haven’t seen it, go ahead and scroll down through your email, you’ll see it eventually.

After needing to cancel the original date, a new date has been chosen for the Russ Schurtz Memorial Dad/Mom/Lad/Lass race!  This Sunday afternoon, July 25th at 2pm, it’s go time!  Parents, you’ve had more time to hone your skills; maybe you’ve done that, chances are you haven’t………The latter makes it so much better for the spectators!

Speaking of the kids… Have you noticed the sheer number of kids at the Yacht Club building during the week?  Wow!  The future… That’s what we have running around with smiles and laughs down there friends.  The entire board of the Sailing Center along with the instructors and parents of the kids deserve a huge round of applause and thank you’s for the wonderful job they’re doing!

This past weekend was a difficult one for racing…  Saturday saw zero wind for any fleet; Sunday morning brought a slightly better opportunity to race, prepare and focus for the upcoming ILYA Championships.  Sure it was light and shifty, but heck, it’s the middle of Summer folks, we see this every year; might as well get used to it! The MC fleet was able to finish their lone race on Sunday, while the X race was abandoned before they could finish.  The E fleet didn’t get any racing done either day; therefore this weekend’s races will be counted as the Jack MacNider Regatta for the X and E Fleets.

The results of the Jack MacNider Regatta in the MC Class are as Follows:

  • 2606 – Stu Oltrogge
  • 2574 – Randy Kotz
  • 2340 – Emily Haugerud and crew
  • 2790 – Todd Tesar
  • 2718 – Mark Tesar

“Next up” on the regatta schedule is Interlakes, which is being held this weekend at Minnetonka… …….About that……… I’m personally not aware of anyone from Clear Lake going. For those unaware, the Interlakes is one of the oldest regattas in the Country; certainly in the Midwest, however, the completely intertwined schedules of adult and youth fleets, larger and more efficient class organizations and ease of travel to further off destinations; Interlakes participation has suffered over the past 20 years.  Somewhat sad, however, all good things must come to an end; this may be it…  Of course that’s just the opinion of your under-informed, unknowing Editor….

The X boaters are gearing up for what promises to be another amazing event at Pewaukee Yacht Club.  In 2020, Pewaukee took the reins of the X Champs when Geneva was unable to host; this year they’re incredibly prepared and will certainly run a fantastic event.  I believe almost the entire Clear Lake fleet is planning to make the trip; racing July 28th – 31st.  Good luck to those sailors and their doting parents who foster their spirit!

The ILYA Championships (the Big Inlands) are at Okoboji this year in case you haven’t heard. The early registration period ends this weekend sailors; Sunday, July 25th……. Save yourself some cash, some trouble and just register now… Let’s show some Iowaish, neighborly love and enjoy their great event! Right now Clear Lake has 5 MC’s, a couple E boats and 1 C boat registered.  We can do better than that can’t we?  It’s two short hours away…  They have nice facilities, have great events planned and what else are you going to do with your time? Work?  I don’t think so….  Wait…………..a C boat from Clear Lake?  Holy crap, we have a C boat attending!

Can you hear the bugles?  That’s the Games of the XXXII Olympiad opening Friday, July 23rd for the World to enjoy.  The sailing competition begins Saturday, very late at night of course, as Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of us.  The RS:X boards, both men and women along with the Laser and Laser Radial classes kick things off.  According to my sources at NBC Sports, all of the sailing disciplines will be covered on one affiliated source/service or another…  Check out all the action and don’t forget to cheer for our ILYA sailors, Steph Roble and Maggie Shea in the 49fx as well as Lara Dallman-Weiss in the women’s 470!

Stay in the Clear Air

Dan Allen
MC 2811

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