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27th Jul


Crow’s Nest 07/29/21

Too much breeze, not enough breeze; these X boat parents have it really easy these days; I can remember when the sailors had to go both ways upwind, through the waves in a gale just to get to the start of the Dad/Lad!  The Annual Russ Schurtz Memorial Dad/Mom/Lad/Lass race has been postponed again… I believe the next date is August 15th, this will be verified and reported back ASAP. 

High demand for great products, with proceeds going to a great cause; that’s what the Sailing Center offered earlier this year… That demand is still high and the products are again available; for those reasons, the Sailing Center has reopened the website to order more merchandise with the CLYC Burgee on it!  Please hurry though, it’s only open until August 4th! Head to CLYC Merchandise and pick up your new swag today!

Two early party notices:  E fleet – Kristin Ebeling, the Lead Angel and Fleet Captain invites you down to the Yacht Club on August 8th at 5pm for the annual fleet party.  Food and drink will be provided, if you’re particular about your spirits, go ahead and bring your own… Please RSVP Kristin by calling or texting the Angel Hotline – 515.208.2530.  The next Yacht Club party……. August 14th at the Oz residence on South Shore Dr. I have no idea who’s to bring what or if any theme will be followed, just be ready to get your party on at yet another fabulous location on the lake! 

Another big thanks to Stu Oltrogge, well Julie more so, for hosting the MC fleet party this past Saturday night.  As always the Oltrogge’s were gracious hosts and made everyone feel at home!  Oh by the way, whoever made the Balsamic Tortellini salad, please email me that recipe, it was fantastic. 

As I mentioned in the previous edition of the Crows Nest; the Jack MacNider Memorial Regatta was sailed for in the X and E classes.  Can you believe it, they got some racing in and it was exciting folks!  Leif Lundberg led the way in the X boats ahead of Finley Nyhus who had his first ever race win, followed by a three way tie for 3rd. The E boats were very close with Team Shamrock – Ebeling/Callanan turning on the jets besting the fleet for the title! The results are as follows: 

X Boats:                                                  E Fleet:

  1.  Z-11 – Leif Lundberg               1.  Z-10 – Ebeling/Callanan
  2. Z-48 – Finley Nyhus               2.  Z-13 – Mark Tesar
  3. Z-00 – Danny Starbeck          3.  Z-23 – Haugerud/Oltrogge
  4. Z-88 – Sam Ludwig                4.  Z-17 – Starbeck/Peterson
  5. Z-7 – Jude Soresen                  5.  Z-94 – Eric Protzman
  6. Z-84 – Brady Amble                6.  Z-15 – Charlie and some of his Angels

This weekend takes our X boaters and a few Race Officers over to Pewaukee Yacht Club for the second year in row.  Pewaukee did a phenomenal job last year during Covid, this year should be far beyond any expectation.  It’s Pewaukee’s 125th Anniversary this year, much of the regatta will be done in conjunction with the celebrations of that incredible milestone! Best of luck to our young sailors, also best of luck to the parents as they prepare to see their credit card debt soar! 

Not one, not two, THREE C boats are going to Okoboji to compete at the Inland Championships this year!  It will be great to finally have the trio back on the water, even if it’s not at Clear Lake.  In addition to the C’s; we have 2 E boats and 5 MC’s making the trip.  More of our sailors should be going, it’s a short drive, a good sailing lake and they could use some extra participation… The early registration date has passed, so if you decide to go now, it’s going to cost you a little extra; given the convenience factor of being close by, the extra $25-$60 is well worth it.  Plenty of hotel rooms are still available; go ahead and register now!  

Has anyone been watching the Olympics?  Ok, so it’s a touch late at night…  Watch it the next day!  The streaming coverage is really quite good in terms of picture quality and Gary Jobson seems to have added a little color to his commentary!  If you haven’t watched yet, go out and do that! Steph Roble from Lake Beulah is sailing very well in the 49fx class and Lara Dallman-Weiss from White Bear has just gotten started in the 470 class.  It’s fantastic to see names and faces we recognize competing at such a high level!  

I was reminded (by way of witnessing) on Sunday of something I’ve been forgetting:  Blooper nominations!  We may have to change the recipient of said nominations as he may embellish the offense in order to distract folks from his own nomination! 

Stay in the Clear Air

Dan Allen

MC 2811 – Relentless

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