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Crow’s Nest 02/02/22

February 2, 2022

Here we are folks, 2022!!!  So many exciting things are bound to happen on or around the lake this year; the pinnacle event being the ILYA X Championship and ILYA Optimist Championship back-to-back from July 27th to August 2nd!  By the end of these wonderful events we’ll have crowned 3 new Inland Champions, multiple fleet winners and many race winners! Of course we can’t forget; we’ll also have shown the Inland how remarkable a place Clear Lake is to sail!

The Regatta Committee has been planning this event since early in 2021 and now that planning is being put into motion. The largest and most complicated regatta in the Inland can’t be held without the assistance and generosity of our beloved and committed membership!

As we all know Clear Lake is a busy place in the summer; the hotels are filling up fast, the VRBO list is getting short and six months still remain until the start of the event. Many had booked their favorite places of slumber last year while others waited to see how 2022 would treat us; with that said, can you host some nice sailing folks in your homes?

Let’s get everyone we can to these two great regattas, hosted by the best club in the ILYA with the best membership. In an effort to make these regattas as large and successful as possible, please contact Andi Tisor via email: or via phone/text at 515-554-2013

Speaking of X boats; have you read this article published in the most recent Sailing World Magazine?

Now that you’ve begun thinking and of course committing your help to the Regatta Committee, we can take a look at some other things happening soon… February 3rd marks 63 years since the “Day the Music Died;” it also marks the opening to this year’s edition of the “Winter Dance Party.” Enthusiasts from around the world will make the trip to Clear Lake to honor these three legends of rock and roll.  In just a couple short weeks, Color the Wind, the Kite Festival will be held in Clear Lake.  What a spectacle that will be; always beautiful colors, huge kites, fun for everyone in Clear Lake!

I wish I could put a date on other events forthcoming; sometimes that’s just not possible; ice out, docks in, lifts in, first boat on the lake… April 10, 2019 – March 29, 2020 – March 23, 2021 are the past three official ice out dates; can we continue that earlier trend?!?!?!  While I can’t put a date on it, my money is on Jude Sorensen for the sailor first on the lake; I do believe he’s held that title the past two years!  Jude, don’t let me down buddy!

Another date which is not set in stone yet, however, will be coming very soon is the first Board of Directors meeting of the 2022 season.  It’s typically around the middle to end of March so all board members, especially those new to the board, please pay attention to your email.  The new members are: Dan Allen, Wil Cooney, Jason Gordon, Chris Krogh and Nichole Sorensen.

CLYC’s own Jeff Nicholas has been competing in the warm waters of Sarasota Bay in his Melges 15 this winter, while Stu Oltrogge has been on RC duty at the same event. They represented Clear Lake very well; Jeff finished 6th in his Division at the first Winter Series Event hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Nice work Jeff and thanks Stu for your work on the RC.

Upcoming events late this Winter and into the Spring include two more Winter Series events for the Melges 15, the Sarasota Bay Cup and Midwinter Championships in the MC fleet, all of which are followed by smaller regional regattas following the liquifying of water in the Midwest! I’m not certain, but I do believe Jeff will compete in more Melges 15 regattas and one or two sailors may be attending an MC regatta or two.

The racing fleets in Clear Lake are looking to make gains in participation this year.  A current rough count of likely registrations would put the X fleet at 8 boats, the MC fleet at 20 boats, the C fleet still at 3 and the E fleet back at 10 boats. With any luck the X fleet will continue their great streak of participation, the MC fleet will look like a small regatta on the weekends and E fleet will see some close action.  As for the C fleet; I really hope they’re all well enough to sail more than two races this year!

For the members who aren’t sailors; come out and watch, ask questions, join in the conversations of sailing and get involved if you would like.  If you don’t want to, that’s cool too!  Come to the parties which are bound to be EPIC this year!  We’ve got possibly the best party host serving as Commodore this year in Mike Starbeck; he never disappoints!  No pressure Mike!  Serving as Vice Commodore this year and official booze wrangler is Brad Price, he’s no stranger to having a good time and will accommodate your discerning palates.

2022 registration will be opening online soon (or by printable version if you desire), don’t forget to take care of that earlier rather than later.  It’s a huge help to the yearbook folks to have all the registrations in early.  PLEASE don’t make me annoy you with my constant reminders this year!  Those of you who know me, know I’m very persistent (very PG language for what some say!)

Please don’t forget to contact Andi Tisor to volunteer your help with the X and Opti Champs and as always…

Stay in the Clear Air,

Dan Allen
MC – 2811 Relentless
E – Z11 Wild Side

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