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4th Aug


Crow’s Nest Revision

It appears I may have misspoken in this week’s Crows Nest and a revision is necessary…

Leif Lundberg finished 10th in the Junior Fleet at the recently completed ILYA X Boat Championships.  That performance along with their consistent regatta finishes throughout the year, has led to the honor of receiving an invitation to the 50th X Blue Chip Regatta at Cedar Lake Yacht Club in Wisconsin.  He is the SECOND junior fleet skipper from Clear Lake to receive such an invite.  The first was Parker Zanios in 1997.  This is the first Clear Lake X boat team (of any age) to attend since Wil Cooney in 2014.


Since I don’t want to leave anyone out, let’s go through all the X Boat Blue Chip qualifiers since the inception of the event:


2022: Leif Lundberg

2014: Wil Cooney

2013: Chrissy Tesar and Molly Anderson

2012: AJ Hanus

2011: AJ Hanus

2009: Emily (Oltrogge) Haugerud

2008: Drake Lundeen and Emily (Oltrogge) Haugerud (Emily – unable to attend)

2006: Jon Osmundson

2005: Nathan Kotz and Jon Osmundson

2000: Parker Zanios and Mike Risewick

1999: Parker Zanios and Mike Risewick

1997: Parker Zanios

1996: Thomas Zanios, JC Risewick and Brad Price

1995: Thomas Zanios

1982: Nancy (Hanes) Lundeen


Many years of results are missing on the Cedar Lake website for various reasons and I don’t have access to Scow Slants issues or other records dating back to 1973; I’m sure I missed some that were invited and unable to attend, if I missed your name, I apologize.


The current X boat sailors in Clear Lake have a great deal of potential; the funnel of sailors is also continuing to stay full thanks in large part to the Sailing Center. With a little luck and further coaching I think we can achieve greater results and improve upon the results we’ve seen in the past 50 years. Do we have another Inland and/or Blue Chip Champion in our midst?  Only time will tell!


Stay in the Clear Air,


Dan Allen
MC 2811 – Relentless
E Scow Z-11 – Wild Side

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